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Shopify launches in Korea

Shopify, the ecommerce platform from Canada, has started offering its services in Korea. Shopify Korea launched its new Korean website recently: https://www.shopify.co.kr/. The interface is now available in Korean. There is also news about a payment gateway, fulfillment and customer service.

The Korean payment gateway KG Inicis and Shopify announced in March this year that it is now possible to use currency settlements services. KG Inicis and Shopify already have a strategic partnership since last year. Both Shopify and KG Inicis want to help merchants in Korea sell more of their products and services, both domestic and overseas.

As for fulfillment, Shopify acquired 6 River Systems to boots its global supply chain. 6 River Systems automates warehouses. Korean company Solugate offers AI customer service in various languages to merchants.

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Read about Shopify news in Korean here: https://blog.naver.com/punchkorea

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