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    What are the most visited countries by Koreans? 

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    News (taken from the third edition)

    Overseas travel trends in 2024, #1 most popular travel destination 'Dalat, Vietnam'

    Skyscanner looked at search and reservation data of Korean travelers from August 7, 2022 to August 7, 2023 compared to the same period of the previous year, and the cities with the most explosive increase in search volume were Dalat (+3,335%), Okinawa (+2,175%), Sapporo (+2,126%), Taipei (+1,906%) and Nagoya (1,820%).

    The travel trend in 2024 is expected to be ‘travel that satisfies curiosity.’ As the tendency to explore culture is expected to grow stronger, Skyscanner predicts that the four major travel themes for Koreans in 2024 will be ‘entertainment’, which involves going to see a performance by a favorite artist, and ‘holy site tour’, which involves visiting travel destinations featured in movies and dramas, ‘a gourmet with great value’ for going out in search of fine dining with good value for money and ‘a good sleep trip’ for getting a good night’s sleep.

    Winter season overseas travel reservation rate has exceeded pre-pandemic level

    The regions with the highest reservation rate during this period were Japan (19%), Vietnam (18%), and Thailand (13%), followed by Europe (12%) and the Philippines (7%).

    When looking at age groups, 50s (30%) accounted for the highest proportion, 60s (22%) 40s (18%) teens (11%) 20s (7%) 30s (7%) followed.

    By type of companion, adult children (11%) accounted for the highest proportion of travelers, followed by same-sex (female) friends (9%), grandparents (8%), children (8%) and couples/lover (6%).

    When traveling, start with food and remember with taste

    The saying, “Travel is all about eating” was not an exaggeration.

    64.7% of respondents chose ‘food’ as a factor that makes them want to travel to a travel destination, followed by ‘natural environment (61.6%)’ and ‘landmarks’ (38.3%).

    In addition, the cost of visiting restaurants accounted for the largest portion at 47.3% of the overall travel budget, and 63.0% said they were willing to pay a high price for a restaurant they must visit.

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