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Social media (SNS) marketing in Korea – digital marketing in Korea part 5

This blog post is about:
  • What are some Korean SNS?
  • Most popular Korean SNS
  • One Store
  • Demographics
  • Platform
  • Advertising

KakaoTalk – comparable to WeChat

Naver Blog – comparable to Medium

Naver Cafe – comparable to Reddit / Facebook Groups

Most popular Korean SNS

Opensurvey has the most recent data (2020), but does not count KakaoTalk as social media. According to them, the most used SNS are YouTube, Naver Blog and Instagram.
social media korea
But Hootsuite (2019) does count KakaoTalk, but not Naver Blog / Cafe as social media. According to Hootsuite, the most popular SNS are KakaoTalk, Youtube and Facebook.

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