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Unlocking the Power of KakaoTalk Business Channel

This blog post is about the following:

  • What is a Business Channel?
  • How to get a Business Channel?
  • Application procedure
  • Further reading

What is a Business Channel?

A KakaoTalk Business Channel is like a regular Channel, but with more possibilities:

  1. Verified badge (build trust / credibility)
  2. Regular Channels show unverified warnings on the Channel and in chat rooms 
  3. Business Channels are shown at the top of search results
  4. Exposure in places such as the “Friends rapidly rising” channel, “View more” Channel, etc.
  5. Send (paid) messages to friends (Channel followers), use of “notification talk”, “friend talk”, and “consultation talk” 
  6. Use Kakao Sync (service to gain Kakao followers, collect customer data and perform advanced marketing)

Screenshots of each option are below: 

  1. Verified badge
  1. Unverified warning
  1. Top of search results
  1. More exposure
  1. Send messages
  1. Kakao Sync

How to get a Business Channel?

To get a Business Channel, you need a Korean business registration and apply for the Business Channel: https://center-pf.kakao.com/

However, some industries such as lending, adult products, alcohol, tobacco and youth-harmful products are excluded from getting a Business Channel. 

Application procedure

Make sure that the contents of the required documents match the information entered in the Channel (Channel name, introduction, information, profile picture, etc.). Incomplete documents, inaccurate documents or information that is not related to the profile may result in the rejection of your business channel application.

Required files:

  • Business registration certificate 
  • Proof of employment or representative’s ID (if the representative applies in person, mobile phone verification can be used instead)
  • (If applicable) Industry-specific licensing documents 

Further reading

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